A keen awareness of and understanding about what it takes to connect with current and prospective donors, volunteers, corporate funders, founders, employees and clients allows Rebecca to navigate within and outside of an organization effectively to accelerate joyful change. She removes the labels and approaches every person as a valued community member with gifts to share. When the labels are off it is easy to see that everyone wants the very same thing – a healthy, thriving and resilient community!

Rebecca helps community benefit organizations aim for their highest potential on behalf of their communities. Focus areas include:
• Board Leadership | Governing for What Matters Most
• Vision-Based Community Impact & Organizational Wellness Planning
• Program Development & Sustainability through Asset-Based Resource Planning

Ask Rebecca about her experience with:
• Creating and holding the spaces for board, staff and community to step into and feel what happens when the conversation is shifted to what is possible. Facilitating the sessions, and changing the questions asked as it relates to co-creating a shared vision and shared values, community impact planning, capacity-building, asset-based resource development planning and action.
• Developing annual fund, endowment campaign and planned giving strategies, plans, mission-focused messaging and collateral.
• Building comprehensive communication and engagement plans and channels, including integration of website, social media, blogs, newsletters, articles and more.
• Researching, selecting and integrating third-party database software for online fundraising and event ticketing, donor management and community engagement. Offering ongoing management of system, or training for board, staff, or community members to manage themselves.
• Managing grant research, LOI and application writing, program tracking, and reporting.
• Leading mission-infused special event planning, development and execution.
• Creating a culture of ongoing community engagement as a way individuals BE together, not something to DO as an activity.

Examples of The DOing  Take a look at several examples of the DOing/THE MEANS, as Rebecca does a whole lot of that after investing essential time on the BEing/THE ENDS.

Women’s & Children’s Alliance, Boise, Idaho

THE BEING/THE ENDS: The Women’s & Children’s Alliance’s (WCA) vision is to foster a community where individuals thrive in safe and healthy relationships. The WCA provides safety, healing and freedom from domestic abuse and sexual assault.

THE DOING/THE MEANS: Aim for creating internal systems and infrastructure, and external communication and tools that support and encourage community engagement, and allow staff to focus on the work that matters most.

Samples of several WCA partnership co-creations:

  • Created community 24/7 self-serve resources and toolkits as the first step to learning more and getting engaged with the WCA including: hosting a fundraising event, and donation drives. These tools are easy to navigate and answer many of the basic questions community members have. As a direct result, staff are not spending as much time sharing that first level of information over and over on the phone.
  • Developed internal processes and external engagement materials to support growing Corporate Pillars Program. Interviewed stakeholders, created systems, established measurement indicators and program goals.
  • Interviewed major donors to the WCA Endowment and created a series of donor profiles to highlight the many ways to make a difference and increase community engagement.
  • Co-created and facilitated staff and board of directors off-site sessions to shape and solidify a new shared vision, values and goals.

MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter, McCall, ID

THE BEING/THE ENDS: Foster a compassionate community where all animals live in loving homes. Aim for increasing engagement of community members near and far in MCPAWS’ programs and services by tapping and honoring their passions and experiences.

THE DOING/THE MEANS: Built foundational communication platform, infrastructure and tools to deeper community engagement.

Created, launched and developed ongoing mission-driven content for the organization’s two main communication channels:

  • Complete relaunch of the website, www.mcpaws.org, which include mapping site navigation, writing content, and building and integrating e-tapestry donor management platform into website with a new online giving page. For the first time ever, the organization was able to offer recurring giving, sponsorship and memorial and tribute giving options online. Immediate and ongoing uptick in these new online giving categories was evident as a result of creating new systems for the organization and its growing community.
  • Developed, built and launched new MCPAWS’ monthly e-newsletter, The Shelter Scoop, focused on mission-driven content and community engagment opportunities.
  • Increased Facebook community by 175% over 18 months, with direct linkage to new donors, successful adoptions, and a strengthened level of active volunteer participation and community engagement.


  • Raised over $11,000 for MCPAWS through Idaho Gives 2013, the first-ever statewide 24-hour online giving day in Idaho, including winning the Grand Award of all medium-sized nonprofits, and landing in the top five of over 500 causes and organizations.
  • Achieved a 66% increase in 2012 year-end giving relative to 2011.
  • Exceeded budget goal for largest fundraiser event of 2012 by 23%, and by 356% for largest fundraiser event in 2013.
  • Managed grant program with funding received for more than 90% of applications submitted.

Current and Past Community Benefit Organizations Rebecca Has Partnered With Include:
The Philadelphia Orchestra Association, The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Women’s & Children’s Alliance, United Way of Treasure Valley, Idaho Nonprofit Center, Historic Roseberry, McCall-Donnelly Education Foundation, McCall Arts & Humanities Council, MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter, and Nampa Chamber of Commerce.