What’s Your Number One Ingredient?

You never know what you’ll find when you read the label – all of it. Wanting to fuel myself with atypical airport food on a recent trip I was pleased to find a spot that featured GT’s Kombucha and a tasty black bean chili. It may sound like an odd combination, or zero appeal to you. To me, I felt like I was nourishing all of me. Then I read the label and I felt an even deeper sense of nourishment for my soul.

Here’s what I found: “We believe good things come from small batches. That’s why we still make our organic raw Kombucha in the same size batches that I used in the very beginning in my mother’s kitchen. Our batches are small enough to hug. Which we do, because love is our number one ingredient.” – GT’s Kombucha

This sentiment was worth a visit to their website. Were these simply words on a label, or something more? I read the story of the founder, a young man who witnessed the difference Kombucha made in his mother’s health and combating cancer. As he noted, “being only a teenager, I had no business plan, just a desire to share this gift with anybody who could benefit from it.” His purpose statement is directly tied to the business, its values, its operations and connection with the world. The words on the label demonstrated their values in action. We can start small and grow from there.

So, what’s your number one ingredient? What do you bring to your everyday? To your every conversation and relationship? To your work and to your play? What gift of skills, wisdom, experience, and/or passions do you want to share with anyone else who might benefit from that gift? Imagine what could be possible if everyone answered these questions, then went and did something about it?

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