Swing your lantern higher

As my involvement with Creating the Future continues to grow and evolve, the clarity around what I’m writing and sharing with the universe is revealing itself. Committed to supporting the movement that is creating a more humane and healthy world, I am honored to be a member of Creating the Future’s Operations Team. Currently working on several initiatives including the development of a platform to capture, study, and share stories of change, as well as curriculum development, I will be writing about all of that at Creating the Future’s blogs. Amplifying and scaling what good looks like will help create the future we want. You’re invited to be a part of our living lab. It is an open and participatory co-creation.

BEing a part of Creating the Future creates the space where I am, indeed, swinging my lantern higher. (Thank you to Creating the Future co-conspirator Gayle Valeriote for sharing Yeats’ quote with her inclusive enhancements to his original words at a recent Creating the Future graduates seminar.)