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When we see change happening in communities, in organizations, in people’s lives – what is supporting that change to happen? What are the factors that cause change? We’ll be digging into that topic during the April edition of Creating the Future’s Making Change Program (live in video, recorded as a podcast). I’m honored and SO excited to join Creating the Future Co-Founder and Making Change Host Hildy Gottlieb, and Creating the Future Fellow Lisa Humenik to discuss creating change in and with communities. If you watch the live video, we encourage you to participate in the conversation via Twitter #ctfuture, or post comments to the blog page real-time. The conversation will continue after the live video as well.

As I’ve shared in previous posts here and here, a huge part of who I am, and how I navigate the universe is impacted through the incredible learning, sharing, testing, growing, and creating living lab I am a part of at Creating the Future. As a Creating the Future Fellow, I am honored to be among 100 individuals who have made the commitment to create the future every day, towards the vision of a world where everyone lives well, individually and collectively. As a Fellow, I have made the commitment to bring out the best in individuals (including myself), organizations and communities. Through intensive and ongoing education and practice, being in community with each other and the world around us, and sharing what we are learning, Creating the Future Fellows are being the future we want to see, acting as catalysts for bringing out that high potential in everyone we encounter.

That is why I continue to say “yes” to what is possible. From co-creating and presenting “Creating the Future We Want with Our Communities,” a workshop at the Idaho Department of Education’s annual conference this week, to the Making Change podcast at the end of the month, to creating a community engagement workshop for the Idaho Nonprofit Center‘s June Regional Forums, I know that the more we share freely with others, the more ripples we create. What gifts and passions are you sharing? What is that making possible, and for whom?

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