Hazel Bull

Wispy Peaks

Whipped to airy heights of 2-3 inches, Hazel Bull’s lemon meringue pies were masterpieces that seemed to defy gravity. A few weeks before Thanksgiving each year, I would mail a letter to her with a dime pasted inside to cover the cost of “the lemon,” and ensure that pie would be on the buffet for the holiday meal. Close to forty years later, Hazel is 102 and lives with that and many other memories in her heart and head. With her wits, humor and appetite in place, her macular degeneration and the realities of aging took her out of her kitchen 15 years ago.

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On the Chairlift

Connecting on the Chairlift

My husband shifts gears when winter comes to our mountain town, blanketing it in deep powder through April if our collective community snow dance pays off. He winds down his construction projects until spring, and spends the winter months sharing his gifts and passion for skiing and snowboarding as a snowsports instructor. He completed the necessary training, memorizing, drills and mastery of technique in order to be certified in all disciplines as governed by PSIA and AASI. Fifteen years later, he’s still teaching, both students and new instructors, but his approach is not formulaic, and does not follow specific linear steps. His approach is 100% relationship-based, heavy on listening, and heavy of co-creating the lesson with the student.

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