Change Catalyst

CHANGE: To become something different
CATALYST: A person who speeds significant change or action

Let's aim for what is possible together, instead of fixing what we don’t like.

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Meet Rebecca

For close to 20 years, Rebecca has worked with community benefit (nonprofit) organizations, and businesses ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies. Learn more →

“BEing” the WHY

How about starting with a conversation about what would be possible if you’re 100% successful with everything you are trying to achieve? When we change the questions we ask, we change everything. Learn how →

Become a Partner

With a shared vision and shared values, we can walk the talk to be the change we want to see. Let's partner up and explore together. Connect today →

What's it like?

Partnering with individuals, organizations and communities, Rebecca creates the spaces that bring out the best in others. The questions she asks are aimed at what is possible, and what success will look and feel like. Read some testimonials →